About Us

Midgard Insect Farm Inc. is a Nova Scotia-based cricket producer and researcher with a focus on producing top quality insect protein for the pet industry and frass as a natural and holistic source of plant nutrients for agricultural applications.

Our Facilities

Our flagship farm in Windsor, Nova Scotia is where we breed, raise and harvest Gryllodes sigillatus crickets to produce a protein-rich flour for pet food and treat recipes. For enhanced quality control, our insect population is divided into manageable segments housed in individual containers and fed a proprietary blend of locally sourced, traceable feed. As you can see, unlike more traditional farm practices cricket farming is very clean!

Our second location in Bible Hill, NS is operated inside the Perennia Innovation Centre and dedicated to research. Working with an inspiring team of scientists and innovators, we seek to bring new levels of efficiency and sustainability to our farming practices and produce consistently high quality cricket meal to meet the nutritional needs of dogs and cats.

Why Crickets?

Integrating cricket-packed pet food into our pets’ diets is a low-cost, sustainable way to feed our animals while making sure their nutritional needs are met and drastically reducing our environmental impact.

Research & Development

Science is at the foundation of our farming and production practices. To solidify that commitment, operate a dedicated research laboratory for ongoing exploration into the science of crickets.