How Crickets Save Water

Amanda Zaharchuk  |  July 25, 2017

Fresh water is a limited resource. As the world’s population booms and our water needs increase, water shortages are becoming a reality and saving water is necessary for a sustainable future. So how can crickets help save water? It starts with food.


Five Reasons Your Dog Should Eat Crickets

Amanda Zaharchuk  |  June 15, 2017

There are so many great reasons why your dog should eat crickets we had a hard time narrowing it down to five. But if you’re still on the fence about feeding crickets to your dog, we have five great reasons why your dog should eat crickets.


Why Crickets?

Integrating cricket-packed pet food into our pets’ diets is a low-cost, sustainable way to feed our animals while making sure their nutritional needs are met and drastically reducing our environmental impact.

Research & Development

Science is at the foundation of our farming and production practices. To solidify that commitment, operate a dedicated research laboratory for ongoing exploration into the science of crickets.